Belt Optimizer

The Belt Optimizer has been designed to replace the "Open Belt" pulley for HD V-Twin motorcycles  engine. The Belt Optimizer improves driving over rigid pulleys "Open Belt" systems, providing a feeling of driving with the character of the original compensation sprocket, improving both the performance and traction at low revs,whilst maintaining the looks of an "Open Belt" driven system.


Belt Optimizer is available for HD motorcycles with V-Twin engine between the years of 1959 to 2006, for RevTech engine and S&S engine (incl. Twin Cam).


Available Belt Optimizer 1 1/2" with 41 and 39 tooth pulley.

Available Belt Optimizer 3" with 47 tooth pulley.


On demand pulley to 1 1/2" to 3 1/2" and offset 5 mm to 40mm.


 Key features:

- Gives back that original smoothness.

- Reduces wear & tear.

- Offers a more stable and balanced ride at slower speeds.

- Reduces transmission shocks & vibrations.

- Quick and easy to fit.


Kit contents: Pulley with bearing, Crankshat star, Rubbers, Disc stainless steel, Nut 46mm and Extractor disc with Screws.


Extrator pulley

Belt Optimizer includes in kit a pulley extractor for remove from crankshaft. Useful for pulley with 47, 41 and 39 teeth.