Belt drive kit

The Rai Parts Belt drive Kit combines the benefits of the Belt Optimizer with the new bearing clutch bell, improving the behavior of the primary transmission assembly, both in driving, clutching and disengaging as well as brand name changes.

The clutch bell is made from a single machined aluminum block, improving mechanical and dynamic performance.

Mounted on a bearing allows free movement in the clutch phase, reducing pressure on the clutch lever and facilitating the insertion of gears.

Belt Optimizer is available for HD motorcycles with V-Twin engine between the years of 1955 to 1985.

Available Rai Parts Drive Kit 1 1/2" with 41 or 39 tooth pulley and 60 tooth clutch.

Kit contents: Belt Opimizer  -Pulley with bearing, Crankshat star, Rubbers, Disc stainless steel, Nut 46mm and Extractor disc with Screws. Clunch Bell with Bearing and Clutch Hub. Steel disc. Primary Belt.