Rai Parts

Rai Parts is a company dedicated to R & D and the optimization products for the world of motorcycles.







Belt Driver Kit

The new Rai Parts Belt drive Kit combines the benefits of the Belt Optimizer with the new bearing clutch bell, improving the behavior of the primary transmission assembly, both in driving, clutching and disengaging as well as brand name changes.

Available Rai Parts Drive Kit 1 1/2" with 41 or 39 tooth pulley and 60 tooth clutch.

Belt Optimizer

Rai Parts has been developing the Belt Optimizer, maintaining the look and benefits of an Open Belt and the driving sensations of  the original compensation sprocket system.

Available Belt Optimizer 1 1/2" with 41 or 39 tooth pulley  and Belt Optimizer 3" with 47 tooth pulley.



Rai Parts Blocker

Rai Parts Blocker has been  designed for the assembly and disassembly for both the original sprocket chain and pulley.






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